Monday, October 4, 2010


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fake lights..

I often suddenly felt very alone. I was alone and saw the breadth of the road ..  
So many lights there,, but somehow the light that actually looks more and more blinding my eyes. So I am confused that where the light is really real and true.  
Light that can help me ..  
Help me find what I was looking for ..  
But the lights were burning more and more bright,,, 
As I do not care about the confusion and pain due to light ..  
They saw me as though the race when the confusion will be the rays ... 
 I fell down and getting close my eyes,,, 
But the lights were actually getting closer towards me highlight ...  
And now as if they are enthroned and caught me with its rays ..
 I'm not just feeling lonely now, but really feel ill and dry ... 
( But isn't me, if feel hopeless just because of this.... )