Monday, March 2, 2015


Akan ada hari2 gelap juga, akan ada hari di mana kamu merasa sendirian. Dan itulah saat harapan dibutuhkan. Tak parduli seberapa buruk itu... Atau betapa menderitanya kamu. Kamu harus berjanji.. Agar berpegang pada harapan. Buat itu tetap ada. Kita harus melawan penderitaan kita. Aku ingin kita menjadi harapan. Orang butuh itu. 
Dan walaupun kita gagal.. Apakah ada cara yang lebih baik untuk menjalani hidup? 
Saat kita melihat sekitar kita hari ini, dan melihat semua orang yang membentuk jati diri kita... Aku tahu ini terasa seperti kita mengucapkan selamat tinggal. Tapi kita akan membawa potongan diri kita... Ke langkah selanjutnya. Untuk mengingatkan kita akan siapa diri kita sebenarnya. Dan takdir kita.
I just saw the amazing spiderman 2014 movie. hehe
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"Time is luck so do not fucking your time to be someone else." Very fit what I felt recently. ^-^

Sunday, March 1, 2015


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Jika memulai sesuatu yang murni, sesutu yang menarik, lalu ada kesalahan. Itu keseimbangan. - Ironman
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If you start something pure, something interesting, then there is an error. That balance. -Ironman


Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ketika sesuatu hal terjadi, saya cuma pengen bilang menghela nafas-lah. Sesuatu terjadi pasti karena itu perlu. Perlu untuk kita diam sejenak. Perlu untuk kita berpikir. Perlu untuk  kita akhirnya berjalan pergi atau kembali.

"Sesuatu" selalu  menjadi awal untuk segala hal. Arah dan tujuan.

Kita semua emang nggak ada yang tahu, apa yang bakal kejadian.. Tapi, inget aja teori menanam. Menanam apel berbuah: apel. Menanam ketulusan  berbuah: damai, nggak menyesal. Dan menanam apapun yang nggak bagus pasti menyesal. Sederhana.
(Tips: Kalo udah dari awal tau nggak bagus ya jangan-lah ditanam)
*Tapi tenang semua orang berhak kembali menanam. :)

When something happens, I just want to say: sigh. Something happened for sure because it is necessary. We need to pause. Need for us to think. We need to eventually walk away or maybe back.

"something" is always being start for everything. Direction and Purpose.
we all do not know what it was.
But I just hold on to the theory of planting. Like planting apple and fruit: apples. Planting sincere, grain peace, no regrets and plant any kind of ignorance surely regret. simple.
(suggestion: When already knew from the start was not good, so dont be planted!)
* it's okay, everyone can go back to planting. :)

And this!!  new comers necklace from heloosun :

come and visit! HELOOSUN

Kata2 terakhir: Sekarang cuaca emang lagi mendung setiap hari. Tapi hati harus selalu bermatahari ya. Harus Heloooo sun! Hehe *kata2 ini sebenernya dari sahabat saya sih. Status-nya lagi mendung2 apalah tadi. Saya bilang aja gini: cuaca boleh mendung hati harus bermatahari ya. Terus dia bilang: iya harus hello sun ya.*

Friday, February 6, 2015


These watch had belonged to my grandfather, and after my grandfather died was given to me. Because it's become one of my favorite watches. I often wear this watch in combination with various accessories. 

All accessories heloosun

 In connection with the fashion watches, recently I was introduced to Invaluable. Very cool site, visit this! a site where you can actually bid of an array of luxury items from pretty much all of the designers out there, especially mens watches. Any confident lady could totally rock it!

Here are the links just incase you didn't have them on hand:

For me, I really prefer men watches (often). Indeed I  love fashion men, combined with my style everyday.


Hello today, Do you agree?

I always love mornings because birds sing, and i always aware that yesterday had been left behind. We spend a lot of energy to simply discuss the matter and that is not important enough. And it all makes us smile this morning. white sheet, blank paper. And we begin a new day again.

Why the sky always come back blue?

Why ice cream always sweet enough.. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Some time this I went back to instagram. I filled it with some photos Back day-to-day that I took. In fact I was really want to return blogs more diligent. But wtiting blog is not easy like post photo on instagram, If we have another busy working.
Before that, I wrote in my account twitter. I would like to think that turned out to be very pleasant wrote in new account. i feel free write what without many more people I know read it. :P
Feel free to follow  me on  my new twitter account, MY TWITTER
but  in there just for fun all i tweet, thereis not important i think haha and most of them i wrote not in English.

And please visit my instagram again, It seems that I will rarely blogging anyway. 


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy new year.

Indonesia is sad, because they got accident plane AirAsia. Was coincidental before entering the new year 2015. It reminds me again about where there was joy we must not forget grief. When we are happy there are other people who do not feel the same, which is how life teaches us to become better.

Be strong and smile at life, even though it hurts sometimes.

I believe

Happy new years all! 2015:  Hope that can be better humans and happy..

Fireworks  2015

New Year this time is not too much, not very cheerful as in previous years. Streets more quiet, but I am sure tranquillity far better than what we hope, in the end.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 13th!

Today is a sunny day..

Finally, after a thousand years, I graduated as well. Today no rain fell. <3
 But the weather was quite hot. I find silence and laughter. I know I will miss today someday. Songs of the chorus is enough to make sweet of this day. I think to call it sweet than sad. Because there must be a sadness in the happiness of any kind. And the best part of today was my parents. I am happy to see them happy. This is more than any other happiness that I wanted. So today is a sunny day..

A little story about "kebaya" this I wear.. I love it since the first time I saw it. But my mom asked me to look into other places, but in the end I came back to this.

My Dad!

Life to be happy? Yes i....

Of course you too my friends..


I always love to be "Rock" althought dress!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Another .....

Hidup dan kejutan-kejutan nya. Jadi nikmatilah..
life and surprise. Enjoy! 
Saya pikir mungkin Tuhan sedang bercanda kepada saya.
I think maybe God was kidding me.
Saya mendengar bisikan-nya, pelan dari dalam hati saya
I heard him whisper, softly from my heart
Semua yang kamu butuh adalah kekuatan menghadapi semuanya, dengan sebaik-baiknya "Kamu".
All you need is the strength to face all of them, with the best of "YOU"

And this is my picture on Saturday night, with my friends. 
 Don't forget!: They are always there " your friends", when you're lonely. And they are the best.

**** Hi DECEMBER be N i c e******

Friday, November 28, 2014

Love laugh: life

Dalam hidup ini pasti ada yang bikin sedih, jadi saya mikir kalo ada kesempatan ketawa gapapa bgt kita ketawa. :) 
Pagi ini saya bangun dengan mood sedikit kurang cerah. Sepertinya pengaruh bangun siang dan ga solat subuh. Hhee
Langsung deh saya dengerin Adam Lenvine Lost Star 2014, menurut saya lagu ini benar2 bikin adem. Saya juga baru download kemarin dan langsung suka. :))) 
Sambil dengerin ini saya bikin coklat panas dan nemu yang berikut ini:

Patimon. Sebastian. -__-

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Source: idem diatas

Oke sekian dulu, don't forget love laugh: life ya!