Monday, April 12, 2010

Gratitude is something that should be will never run out!

I often feel empty a while. Feeling very tired, without knowing why. Sometimes to be without passion and feeling very lazy did not want to do anything. Loss of morale as well as an obsession to do something even, though I loved very much.

But the sight that I see tonight, a landscape which started when I had to wait for my boyfriend at a tavern steak "Steak Kampung". I sat alone, on the other end spot and start selecting 2 of my favorite menu, one crispy chicken steak and one
avocado float .. yummy! And after I managed to finish it, I saw a group of new visitors who came, a boy pulled the most noticed at the time. The boy was about teens, love and in a way good looking, maybe,,, He is often seen to spread smiles on the people who are nearby. Until one day, I saw nothing strange of it ... I see that he does not have a full hand in her right hand,,, and again I saw the same thing in his left hand .....
But she still looks cheerful, He can still punch ponsel with both hands full of limitations. Every now and then smoothed her hair all she could do. As if its limitations have been such
adjust and not be limited to have no function at all. Immediately I was stunned,,, sad and glad to see the full blessing that I get,,, is not it lucky we have everything intact. And, with everything intact whether we should be excited? of course not!