Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes .. Take picture

Thinking becomes you , or me. Trying to get someone to follow our way, in a day.
It is impossible, like trying to change the world in one hour
I don't want any bloodshed. Just want everyone to walk side by side. Patient will be required to make all that possible, right? You're right and I was right .. let's make everything easier if it is easy .. and a difficult, becomes easy .. Let us laugh at our suffocating world .. We create a new world with a smile and the madness that is easy to think about. You understand, I understand .. you can read in my eyes, it is apparent why this world will be beautiful .. No need to ask just the formulas that will make you think to leave me. Simply make things easier but never forgotten. Lets capture it. And believe we are fortunate to live in this world. You're lucky to be you, I'm lucky to be me .. Lets take pictures and pose :) .

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