Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Life is, you will never know. 
So why worry 
why afraid, 
why not Brave.

* edit next 😴 need to sleep..
finally edit now hehe

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Less sweet days.

Less sweet days is fitting lazy meal. Just a cup of coffee and the coffee flavor is the same. added sugar as much as anything, it's still coffee. Maybe tomorrow should replace the hot chocholate.

* Should I ran to the forest or to the beach *
* Should Run Into His Heart *..


Friday, May 8, 2015

A wish

After a while, I don’t write on this blog, I do belong to do something based on what I want or not. I knew it wasn’t good. hehe
But I plan to return often write, even when I'm not in love or heartbreak. hehe Yes I think a lot of people to be more creative in these moments. : p But I hope after today I will immediately fall in love, stay in love, and I will continue to write. I hope you all are the same. :)

In love and heartbreak two things that will not be separated, likes or dislikes. Just like happiness and sadness. But of the many things we've experienced we must feel better now. For me, I became more easily accept a lot of things. 

A lot of things in life we must enjoy! Life... we all will not have time to live forever..  so why do you hate each other?
Humans have the choice of their life, and then they choose to be who we are, so you are wasting your time to comment? :)
And about the sentences that popular "We're not nutella jar, so we can not please everyone" I think it's very true, no matter how kind you can’t please everyone. But still trying to be good, then you have chosen the best option.

It is important to remember:
In life, winners only those who don't give up, 
winners are those who don’t stop,
everything starts, a wish

Turning on the style, some long ago I miss wearing my sneakers. Maybe next time I will be posting them back. Talk about sneakers, now we can easily get even just sit at home. We can easily shop online, and we all must have known Zalora, Thank you ZALORA, I love ZALORA to shop online. :)

Many discount, lots of choices, and free shipping costs. :)