Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heyy I love my swallow so much ! :D

The most difficult, is when we understand, love. Sometimes my brain will try to be realistic. Sometimes trying to be very sensitive. Everything is not the problem, try or not. Sometimes it all becomes vague and unclear. Clearly and slowly vague .. then clear again, and faint again. Love is the only one, most can not be captured by logic.

might like that when I really fell in love with my swallow sandals :)

And this is my reunion day with friends junior high school 5.
I use that-my nationality sandals . Yes, I want to wear my favorite blue swallow sandals .. I don't know what you think with my choice. But I'm very happy with this  my swallow sandals- is my favorite..
And somehow I always feel cool when wear it..

Superman T-Shirt undbrkanded
DIY Short
Blue Swallow Sandals
Casio Watches

Have a nice day guyyyyssss ^____^