Monday, March 12, 2012

Everybody know Roller Coaster,,

Live like a Rollercoaster.. yes maybe the sentence isn’t foreign to our ears. How could everything change from above to belowI feel this experience, if you've experienced this too?
Life, love.........  both of them closely related. Where love makes us see this life becomes much more beautiful but also otherwise.
Several times I opened the door, saw the stranger,  until the figure is really a guest which I was waiting for. Love comes without knocking. yes.. as we often hear, "love comes without knocking and leave without permission
Suddenly  you can  see this world be sweeter than ice cream in one second, and turned into a very bitter in the next second.
There is nothing unexpected. Love in many years you wait just go away tomorrow, and love that was never expected to be immediately forced open your hearts tonight.

Anything is possible. And the surprise will always appear as long as we live. Beautiful or otherwise. Such as Roller Coaster brings our hearts at the highest places next at the lowest ever.
All that made ​​me believe anything is possible. When one goes, others will come. And trust God's plan is best for us.
There is no single reason, that can make me stop grateful. Only sincere, and always do our best we can that can make me always peacefully and without remorse.

*Anywayzz, I always hated roller coaster,, I am not quite comfortable with the game that got me over and made ​​me suddenly fell down. I prefer to play bike in the morning, the streets are flat but full of views lol :)

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