Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't like ugly monsters except she's funny ! xoxo

When we sad .. And when the sadness it really such a surprise, no one would expect, happened several times, in succession, and made us feel unlucky. While those who hurt us, as don't care. Without realizing it we will bring ourselves to another person, whether a figure will appear green monster, with a stupid hatred. or a red monster with full eyes in the face who wants revenge. Hatred and revenge will never run out and will torture ourself. For me choosing to be an angel masked monster would be better .. Heyyy we certainly dont need to be a monster! we are too good to be bad .... Just because we have to turn disappointment into a bad heart? it's very uncool. But about being an angel is fully--with heart is breaking would be so painful ... and acting its another uncool..

Force yourself to emit light angel when our hearts are very dim is impossible. Nothing is as powerful as it is, for not feeling hurt when he fell and injured. We are all human beings, who can feel the pain right ? How is it possible to laugh, when he fell and hit the stairs and about an angel with a monster mask, it is only figuratively. I wore the mask of the monster as a symbol.. We don’t need to look weak especially pathetic--than the straight faces of angels who are losing their wings--weep and mourn defeat--suffered because lost hopes of returning to the sky -.-

I think choosing a mask monsters more respectable. Yeah, provided that! the monster is a monster with funny face.. LOL
No need to show our faces heartbreak in front of them -- who have dumped us, right ? They don't deserve to see the destruction or the slightest sadness that we have. Please feel victorious and managed to hurt us, but they will never see the success that directly. Don't ever let it ..
They've done stupid .. Because they have lost trust--from someone forever. Show it!  they will regret.. by being yourself which’s more shining than now.

*Anywayzz.. I took this photo when I'm doing a photo session.. there is little time to take a picture of yourself personally :D And this simple shirt, be my choice.. nothing is more comfort than this xoxo

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