Monday, December 3, 2012

days after the rain.

I forgot a minute ago I was thinking about what , suddenly remembering the incident a year ago. Mixed memories sometimes distorted.
The day before yesterday, the month before the current month, the year before this year ..
My mistakes  like ground brown spots on the street that I see in every city "dirty traces spotting after rain" there's always dirt that was never really lost.
 From everything that isn't always as we expect ..  and from all that I know about the patient .. about sincere.

Sometimes annoyed , find hurtful words that are often asked by self interest , without looking in the mirror?
  win actually lost.

Humans are humans, but if mutually reciprocated hurt,  how would the world be?
 there will be no peace, only war

 sweater disneyseries
watch swatch
sunglasess vintage

In this world there is no human who is absolutely perfect, there will always be more and more ..  
so for what feels most true, most perfect?

enjoy what we get, on the sidelines all the while just doing the best.
Loved it sincerity, is n’it? How could we not be happy with the happiness of those we love.
If only suppose to have, surely love is selfish.