Monday, December 15, 2014

December 13th!

Today is a sunny day..

Finally, after a thousand years, I graduated as well. Today no rain fell. <3
 But the weather was quite hot. I find silence and laughter. I know I will miss today someday. Songs of the chorus is enough to make sweet of this day. I think to call it sweet than sad. Because there must be a sadness in the happiness of any kind. And the best part of today was my parents. I am happy to see them happy. This is more than any other happiness that I wanted. So today is a sunny day..

A little story about "kebaya" this I wear.. I love it since the first time I saw it. But my mom asked me to look into other places, but in the end I came back to this.

My Dad!

Life to be happy? Yes i....

Of course you too my friends..


I always love to be "Rock" althought dress!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Another .....

Hidup dan kejutan-kejutan nya. Jadi nikmatilah..
life and surprise. Enjoy! 
Saya pikir mungkin Tuhan sedang bercanda kepada saya.
I think maybe God was kidding me.
Saya mendengar bisikan-nya, pelan dari dalam hati saya
I heard him whisper, softly from my heart
Semua yang kamu butuh adalah kekuatan menghadapi semuanya, dengan sebaik-baiknya "Kamu".
All you need is the strength to face all of them, with the best of "YOU"

And this is my picture on Saturday night, with my friends. 
 Don't forget!: They are always there " your friends", when you're lonely. And they are the best.

**** Hi DECEMBER be N i c e******