Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sometimes uhh...

Sometimes it was so full of thoughts.  
There is so much thought it was, time was fast running.  
And I still have to go back to the same routine and I am obliged to do. 
 I often feel, when you want to spend for various things that I wanted to do seemed very little.
I feel less and less.
It often makes me feel even more lazy and dispirited.
Especially when I have to get up early and doing my compulsory activities.
 hmmm i dont want say.... uhhhh....yes! it is a fact that should I live.  
However I need to do that. I do it because it has a purpose.  
While that might be used to make me bored and running out of my precious time.  
Whatever it is I just want to smile in the morning and be more excited ^^


Friday, March 26, 2010


If you really want me. Approached me..if not, stay awayy Disappeard from my life ..like a dark night until slowly we will forget each other.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tired oh no!

Lately, I often feel not excited. My body feels so tired, so did my thoughts. Perhaps, it is also the reason, why I became lazy to move, I just want to sleep.

Actually, I'm not the type of person who likes idleness. I was someone who feels a day so quickly, and so much to be done. Until I felt my mind was never relaxed. I want to finish everything without thinking, that it sometimes does not make sense. Yaaah, maybe it was my bad side, which makes my body becomes sick easily ... I have tried seems to more relax from now ...


surprises in life*

Everyone seemed to run. Time goes so fast. Seemed never to stop, even for a second.
So everything changes so fast. No one knows about what happened the day before. In fact, I often feel all like surprises, things that had seemed no sense to make sense. And I feel the world is really small,,,, they can turn place, it all made me wonder ... but, the reality makes all the light, because the reality is changing all that unreasonable ... like someone who did not know each other, met in a chance meeting, and ending with a special relationship ...


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running Memory

I miss the memories of the past ... when I cleaned my old boxes - I found the photographs scattered, some are damaged but I managed to save some.

I see the old faces in the photographs, innocent faces full of laughter. They are laugh of my old life, they are my friends. My lovely friends ♥--Friends who fill my old days, faces that have ever lived at that time and will never be the same when I found them again today.

Lifes give change, and change will make things will never be the same. Everything changed..they are too, but they are of the past and the laughter still continued to be a memory for remembering all ..

good nigth friends :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is probably not much that I do. As usual went to college at 7 am, running and angry at myself,for the time being chased and smiled bitterly when he realized that morning that I was unlucky enough .... hell yeahhh .. I woke up very late .. And what is worse this morning is quite important to me in college because today I have a presentation. Although the presentation was randomized, but I'm still worried that my group developed a presentation, and I'm not there with them.

Hell to heaven a little air-conditioned: P

Nothing is impossible, even bad luck can change at the better when it comes a bit of luck. Yaaaa ... it's true and it happened to me this morning .. Congratulations My lecture was not going to class ...!!
hmmm .. yeahhhh I feel pretty lucky again,,

night: a figure that I have ever seen it,, really?
With someone special and friends walk the most loyal,,, a boyfriend who could be anything for me ... haghhaggg: p. .. We went together for a walk. Maybe tonight was the night due to poor rains. And my man was carrying a motorcycle,,, and certainly we were able to predict the rain at last ... That's why we decided.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think made for fun. lol

Tonight I have not slept. Still with classical music and the desire to make ourselves comfortable. With this fun activity that I still keep up (especially if it was not explored the world by reading books or exploring various blogspot very inspiring). Not infrequently too, my imagination made me think I was visiting beautiful places. I really hope one day, could go to a lot of amazing country of that.
mm, anyway these're photos of me and my friends, when our first meeting in the establishment made ​​for fun (creative photography and concept)