Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sometimes uhh...

Sometimes it was so full of thoughts.  
There is so much thought it was, time was fast running.  
And I still have to go back to the same routine and I am obliged to do. 
 I often feel, when you want to spend for various things that I wanted to do seemed very little.
I feel less and less.
It often makes me feel even more lazy and dispirited.
Especially when I have to get up early and doing my compulsory activities.
 hmmm i dont want say.... uhhhh....yes! it is a fact that should I live.  
However I need to do that. I do it because it has a purpose.  
While that might be used to make me bored and running out of my precious time.  
Whatever it is I just want to smile in the morning and be more excited ^^