Sunday, October 2, 2011


Lost love is the same as the loss of passion. Feeling empty and influence the spirit to do something. And when we have a dream .. we will run, chase it .. then comes a sense of fear, "How if the dream was not the same as we imagine?". Someone replied that, "it will fit". And then came a new question, "What will happen after that dream come true? What should we do after that? I really do't know what I should do after that .. "And he answered," Look for new dreams to be realized ".
Having someone who loves, supports, and always giving spirit that never runs out for our dreams, is coveted by everyone.

These're my photos with my best friends. Actually, not a new photo, this photo was taken a few months ago. I apologize for my rarely updated blog, I am very busy some time ago. But I really miss writing and storytelling here..