Saturday, August 13, 2011

why black ?

I hAVE one conclusion from my dream last night .I met someone... He is attractive but I think it got lost.. I think he's smart enough and too bad if he had to live in the bad opinion people around him. But he chose to be like that.

* should be black if white is better? just to be different from the others? I think there must be a better option..

* be a special and unique.. definitely different from the others. No need to be pitch-black darkness.. whatever it is? it makes you more alive without direction. yes, dark and getting lost.

And then I became thankful about my anxiety .. I met some people who come back makes me not see the happiness I was looking for..  I was thinking, therefore, to forget just how lazy I am to think. I am a lazy person who thinks sometimes, always wanted to make things easy and too easy. Yes.. I say relaxxxxxss! even when I was delirious.. LOL
in fact I found everything quite complicated.. That forced me to think.. And I was learning :)

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