Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm having fun but not only

which I think confused for a walk, traveling and looking for new things again, thought I just went to Yogyakarta. Others are busy looking for money to eat or just pay for school .. but I will not waste all that I could get. I also have to think to move forward. What are the correct and useful. I have to go a success before they will be helping the people who has always been there for me. Maybe I'm having fun but I would not waste even an inch, I will seek the benefits of everything I do.

Jeans shirt romantic mocha
Tops bought at sidewalk vendors malioboro xoxo
Sunglasses unbranded
Necklace unbranded
Dr. Martins shoes


Monday, January 24, 2011

Where is my star? .. Where is my sun?

Faling Simple :)

If speaking style icons who first crossed in my head certainly Alexa. Alexa Chung is cool despite the simple style and comfortable clothes. I think cool does not always have trouble not or should force yourself to all that is actually tidaka we like. While not denying the occasional bother installing soflens or occasional use of high heels is certainly not a sacrifice that is so heavy to look cool. All are always in need of struggle as well as want to be a cool little fight every now and then wear the right a few centimeters of course not a problem. For me as long as it makes you happy why not? But still with a touch of simple and elegant colors continue to be something more interesting for me, what about you girls? xoxo

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Like the light entering and illuminating. The space has only one color is cloudy in my heart. He change it. Not with perfection but with madness and something quite the opposite it, managed to bring new light and provide color. As light is refracted into something very beautiful and charming. But time makes it now disappeared. The light is now going back to its origin. But whether he will color the girl, the girl who was before me. I'm sick

Saturday, January 8, 2011

sweltering streets in square..

One day, I walk with my friends. I don't think much about what I wear today. Today was so hot and we were riding a motorcycle. So I decided to dress pretty simple today.

Hot day but quite enjoyable. I also got a new friend..  

old denim jacket 
navy blue crocs 
 logo jeans

*Thank you Didit who has helped me take the photos myself :)