Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes .. Take picture

Thinking becomes you , or me. Trying to get someone to follow our way, in a day.
It is impossible, like trying to change the world in one hour
I don't want any bloodshed. Just want everyone to walk side by side. Patient will be required to make all that possible, right? You're right and I was right .. let's make everything easier if it is easy .. and a difficult, becomes easy .. Let us laugh at our suffocating world .. We create a new world with a smile and the madness that is easy to think about. You understand, I understand .. you can read in my eyes, it is apparent why this world will be beautiful .. No need to ask just the formulas that will make you think to leave me. Simply make things easier but never forgotten. Lets capture it. And believe we are fortunate to live in this world. You're lucky to be you, I'm lucky to be me .. Lets take pictures and pose :) .

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Lost love is the same as the loss of passion. Feeling empty and influence the spirit to do something. And when we have a dream .. we will run, chase it .. then comes a sense of fear, "How if the dream was not the same as we imagine?". Someone replied that, "it will fit". And then came a new question, "What will happen after that dream come true? What should we do after that? I really do't know what I should do after that .. "And he answered," Look for new dreams to be realized ".
Having someone who loves, supports, and always giving spirit that never runs out for our dreams, is coveted by everyone.

These're my photos with my best friends. Actually, not a new photo, this photo was taken a few months ago. I apologize for my rarely updated blog, I am very busy some time ago. But I really miss writing and storytelling here..


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heyy I love my swallow so much ! :D

The most difficult, is when we understand, love. Sometimes my brain will try to be realistic. Sometimes trying to be very sensitive. Everything is not the problem, try or not. Sometimes it all becomes vague and unclear. Clearly and slowly vague .. then clear again, and faint again. Love is the only one, most can not be captured by logic.

might like that when I really fell in love with my swallow sandals :)

And this is my reunion day with friends junior high school 5.
I use that-my nationality sandals . Yes, I want to wear my favorite blue swallow sandals .. I don't know what you think with my choice. But I'm very happy with this  my swallow sandals- is my favorite..
And somehow I always feel cool when wear it..

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Have a nice day guyyyyssss ^____^ 


Saturday, August 13, 2011

why black ?

I hAVE one conclusion from my dream last night .I met someone... He is attractive but I think it got lost.. I think he's smart enough and too bad if he had to live in the bad opinion people around him. But he chose to be like that.

* should be black if white is better? just to be different from the others? I think there must be a better option..

* be a special and unique.. definitely different from the others. No need to be pitch-black darkness.. whatever it is? it makes you more alive without direction. yes, dark and getting lost.

And then I became thankful about my anxiety .. I met some people who come back makes me not see the happiness I was looking for..  I was thinking, therefore, to forget just how lazy I am to think. I am a lazy person who thinks sometimes, always wanted to make things easy and too easy. Yes.. I say relaxxxxxss! even when I was delirious.. LOL
in fact I found everything quite complicated.. That forced me to think.. And I was learning :)

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rising feeling

There are two men who said something similar.. maybe I can be very stupid.. and when we can get someone who loves us and accept our deficiency, are those who are luckyyy
But I always tried not to dwell with all the stupidity that I have.. I try to have something, something, and something else.. I want to be proud of the people I love.. I want to be helpful for others..

I think,
I live in this world only one time, too bad if it would just be like a boring television show .. therefore, I try to fill it with art, and all the things I love.. and art makes me fall in love every day . i don't want to just be a spectator to something I love .. I always wanted to try to make it with my own hands.. same as when I fell in love and always wanted to do something for people I love ****And if someone that i love is the right person, i hope his feelings to me always rises.. and he wiil always be proud to love me--- every morning he woke up and opened his eyes.

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*PS: Thx Bang RJ  


And I am very happy to get a sketch drawing my self from abib :)

Can't wait to go back a long shoulder-length hair .. I love 60s style--- bob haircut .. love love !!


And these are some photos from my trip along SPINcorebike to surabaya .. We got new friends there .. They are Bikeberry and friends stillroad cycle shop .. stillroad cycle  shop has very cool bike collection.. you should come  and visit...!! :)


 Also check video I made with

Hoodie Woody Freaky 

( behind the scene final party dbl )

*I hope you like it guyyys! :) 

See their song here .. I fell in love from beginning to end! they have great musical creativity. I promise they are really Cool...!  

-------Listen to their songs :)------

download download download here!