Saturday, April 30, 2011

I love rain but a sincere love me dry.

.noralia ayu.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two, the best in my life ( 2 o'clock )

This is only an hour away, from me taking a photo before ..
  Properties that I wear, certainly not changed much ..
I just replace the
synthetic leather jacket with a shirt man ..  
But this makes me quite different ..  
It would be much different look ..  
If you dont see items like bags, or boy's jeans, or other similar. 
Basically like this is my style. 
I liked everything I wear comfortable and confident made ​​me wear them.
I really liked all that simple, edgy, boyish, like I loved my boys jeans , men sweatshirts, men's shirts, and everything in my body more large .. 
But it all doesn't mean I don't like dressing or something .. 
It's just that I'll make it all does not seem too feminine or colorful.  
And that does not mean I don't like the colorful but also because I felt I was more suited to the display like this, I feel more confident, and be myself .. 
And so far makes me comfortable, than I have to follow people use something that I think is less suitable for me :)

This is my beloved friends .. I hope they are, keep smiling like this! (:

DIY boy jeans
Gray T-shirt just the orange
 Zara bag
Synthetic leather jackets buy onlen
Yongki Komaladi shoes


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two, the best in my life ( 1 o'clock )

The difference you always make me try to be more patient from day to day .. irrespective you love me or not. While he makes me keep trying to keep up with his insanity .. he's a very pleasant, talkative, and full of something exciting .. And I gasped, when I saw my confusion determine direction.

And these are some pictures of me .. xoxo

DIY boy jeans
Zara bag
Synthetic leather jackets buy onlen
Yongki Komaladi shoes


Friday, April 22, 2011

I hope .. and you smile..

I hope you are completely well, I wish I was fully awake ..  
So, if you come and smile I'm a live. Can see your smile and be able to reply all the words that you are bringing .. correctly. Not with clumsiness, which always appear.. maybe I'll really look pathetic in front of you.  

There're some photos that I took some time ago. Thank you friends who have helped take photos my self.. :)

Unbranded tops 
Wrangler jeans
Ring Ambassador mall
mulberry bag
Azzy flat shoes
Zara belt


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when I write a message for you .. I knew there was another woman, who never existed in your past has also written a message for you. He also expects you just like me. Maybe I'm not really sure, the meant  thats you, but I still feel that you're. And I really feel very confused right now. What should I do. You keep standing there .. Without trying to ask what am I doing when I didn't meet with you. You just as me, didn't try to initiate communication between us. But our world's the same. Like the earth is rotating we would meet at one point. I likened it to our meeting that there will always be at the end of the day. And on the day of our meeting that I went back to see your eyes talking that you have the same feeling with me.
Still, she was still there in your days even if just a mild communication but he's always there. She still expecting you .. yes her.. that I mentioned earlier ..  
ahh .. I'm really confused what should I do with this situation ..

I hope Allah gives instructions to me .. Amiiinn

A lone at last, i hope :)

when I and my friends spent a week night to see music concerts and exhibitions distro in my city .. I feel a bit sad there, I was angry for some reason. Maybe because someone
 I don't want to mention it ..
But.,,I'm quite satisfied with some of the photos taken here

Long blazer ITC Mangga Dua
Lomonta tanks
Short unbranded
Dr.Martins shoes
Mulberry bag


happy again again n' again :D

The next day, I went back to walk and take pictures again. Just as yesterday I was happy.


Kota tua N' Me

Hi, this is some photos when I was walking around in Kota Tua Jakarta .. The day was overcast, but I think everything is bright because I'm happy.


-cepatsembuh yourfeet yourfeet yourfeet-

nora :*

Monday, April 18, 2011