Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two, the best in my life ( 2 o'clock )

This is only an hour away, from me taking a photo before ..
  Properties that I wear, certainly not changed much ..
I just replace the
synthetic leather jacket with a shirt man ..  
But this makes me quite different ..  
It would be much different look ..  
If you dont see items like bags, or boy's jeans, or other similar. 
Basically like this is my style. 
I liked everything I wear comfortable and confident made ​​me wear them.
I really liked all that simple, edgy, boyish, like I loved my boys jeans , men sweatshirts, men's shirts, and everything in my body more large .. 
But it all doesn't mean I don't like dressing or something .. 
It's just that I'll make it all does not seem too feminine or colorful.  
And that does not mean I don't like the colorful but also because I felt I was more suited to the display like this, I feel more confident, and be myself .. 
And so far makes me comfortable, than I have to follow people use something that I think is less suitable for me :)

This is my beloved friends .. I hope they are, keep smiling like this! (:

DIY boy jeans
Gray T-shirt just the orange
 Zara bag
Synthetic leather jackets buy onlen
Yongki Komaladi shoes