Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday oh Birthday...

Birthday? Who always thought is: Hope. There is always hope, that even vague. Expectations can be many things-simple happiness or love. Where is the love and happiness is a surprise, a surprise that will make smile and feel loved. The surprise of the people who love us. Although simple as possible, however, will be very significant in a number is on the way a person ages.

A magical ink will be engraved in a day. All blue confuse .. reconcile and make you smile without a word. Thanks all of my best sista .. my boy friend,, and all my friends who give me Precious sentences "Happy Birthday"

Im very happy get much "precious sentences" this day ... It really enliven my heart .. I was obtaining a lot of love from you all :):)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

You are not a lone,, ;p

source: fubango.devianart

Seeing this picture make me fell seeing me in other world and times. A lone me.. Sometimes I like a lone...
As usually I back for a lone again,, my friends are my laptop,,, And I find many inspiration for them....
Maybe if like this picture I am are the little girl n my laptop are this frog,,


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Love was not looking at whether he is handsome, cool, famous or whatever advantages that dazzle. We'll see something ugly into beautiful. Not the beautiful remains beautiful. When we love someone with what it is without seeing all the advantages possessed, regardless of his ugly, outdated, poor, stupid, and not proud of. It is not love if you love because of her famous band members, one of the richest guy Bojong village kenyot hahaha. You will not see all that .. because you're too in love with his smile, his eyes, and everything is so simple that maybe other people are not interesting. And it's possible one of the most cupu presence in this world can also make your heart tremble.


Monday, August 31, 2009

My unique Lecture

the day seems so long. i had crowded lecture schedule... And a little break. Anyway,, I must pass this all with smile., because i know complaining won't change anything. i will trough it all without except.
Well,, I will to tell my story this day,, usually Like another days. But twice aweek go to class this had something fun. I had very very unique lecturer. His name is Mr. Riantooo, He is not like other lecturer, gived greeting with very ordinary only. Mr Riantoo is creative. He can unleash very very funny jokes naturaly from his mouth. He like art, gamelan, wayang kulit, singing, and etc... But i dont know why he Can get the situation very enjoy and fun. With all joke and a naturally word. And i very very remembered about words he always used... I am glad the cultural study theory which is difficult subject become more cozy because his way of teaching ;);)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday Oh Monday ,.

Alot of in my mind, its about college again.. All about my college,, I want to do best for my study,,, But sometimes i fell so bored if I remembered tommorow i have class.... Especialy on Monday... why?? Formerly I think about sentences says :" i Hate Monday" just words not important with me. Because I Think all busy day are same, not care what day that... But Now in my semester,,, I see that sentences in my real life... But i dont want says " i hate Monday" .. I just says "MOnday for hard work... spirit!!!!...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

lets inspire !!

Till this morning I don't sleep :(
Still in front of my computer holding my cute mouse and surfing the web... ... looking for latest fashion, art, and many beautiful things ever.
i love technology ,, technology make everything easier.
meet all of my uncommon interest..
people make beauty, beauty make love
cute dress,, unique necklaces, and many more... seeing that... I just want to be more creative,,,, i wish i can make a lot of beautiful things, make the people happy with anything i created and inspire people with my work.. :):):):):)

♥ nora

Sunday, August 16, 2009

my wiSh T_T

I remember, at a period of i played.
A moment I see this photo. I smile there.
but I too disregarding how do experiencing life by creating the inspiration for others.
possibly I am very buzy with playing and playing now..
but now I have to change!!
I wish can give many good matters, something useful , although just make a few smile only..
i`ll very happy if i can be one of many good persons are there.,,:):)


Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009