Monday, August 31, 2009

My unique Lecture

the day seems so long. i had crowded lecture schedule... And a little break. Anyway,, I must pass this all with smile., because i know complaining won't change anything. i will trough it all without except.
Well,, I will to tell my story this day,, usually Like another days. But twice aweek go to class this had something fun. I had very very unique lecturer. His name is Mr. Riantooo, He is not like other lecturer, gived greeting with very ordinary only. Mr Riantoo is creative. He can unleash very very funny jokes naturaly from his mouth. He like art, gamelan, wayang kulit, singing, and etc... But i dont know why he Can get the situation very enjoy and fun. With all joke and a naturally word. And i very very remembered about words he always used... I am glad the cultural study theory which is difficult subject become more cozy because his way of teaching ;);)