Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More simple

Achievement is perhaps everyone's expectations. Everyone is racing to the forefront. And I was silent and remained silent. Had I not thought to want to do something similar? Just heard a whisper: "I just wanted to be a fun and make people happy with what I make.

I dont need to be a winner will be apparent obsession in this world. However, it does not mean I do not have the desire ... I really have it. Just maybe more simple. And I think it is no less great .. Because maybe a glimmer of light will be very significant for those who are blind. However, the lights are too bright it will invite the eye.

 ( nora )

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Feelings sometimes it was hard to understand.  
Changing so rapidly. No one thought we could be so loving but then get bored and half-dead hated. All.. can not be predicted because it just changed. And all it was like threads tangled in my head now. I think a lot .. About me, they, him, and all around me .... I see all the events and read it for myself. All is real and so can I feel .. Sometimes so destructive haunting mood ... sometimes repetitive and very time-consuming and mind ... I know it is not necessary, but keep in mind that all the entry may have this highly saturated.
Until I found out about a cause than an event. With one point of stain that can spread and make everything into patches of patents. Thus changing a person into something that might be a little special, or do not like her as normal.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

love spot

In this world there are many couples. There are paired opposite each other where one is the jovial and dreamers. And the other one is quieter and more introverted. And they stay in touch over the years. But somehow I feel there is a deep ravine when he saw the couple a very contradictory. which will easily show the difference that became a sharp keril the long run is not impossible that a mound of rocks. Relationships that might survive when there is one willing to budge, but trying to become another person to defend something that is not the best. I think so, and I tried to put it here. I'm grateful I and my boyfriend now has a lot of harmony. Where we might have the opposite properties. I like being the unshakable, hard, strong and opinionated. Dy can be gentle, patient and understanding as well as vice versa. There were opposite but friendly disagreement between us. Not a contradiction that can be in the water and oil parable conflicting. I feel I am and he has many contradictions that increasingly cemented our relationship. thank god :)