Tuesday, June 28, 2011

enough already

And sadness that can come suddenly, unexpected.. Come without the slightest courtesy. Very sad, opened the door and let someone slap our faces when we invite the entrance with smiles, and friendliness. Maybe that way I describe the feeling of a sad heart that now.. I know everyone has sad, and it also ever been disappointed. That is the only one that makes my heart strong enough, yeah I will rise up and forget.. forget the source of the sadness. I'm thinking will no longer give him the opportunity to enter in my heart.. messing things up again.
And would be very bad to forget someone, who has become part of our lives.. There will always be a reason for him to appear in front of you.. 


 Isabella dress
Dashing Perky Ring

PS: Thx Wiwid


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Illuminated road

And now I see only one way.. which has only one direction, toward you.
Please be clear that I'm increasingly convinced, to vote down the road.
If I'm wrong, would you light Dim light that is on the right and left of the road.. In order for me to lose direction and walked around..If you know, I really see you are the best in my heart now. I really hope you are the one it passed last resort for me.. and still I pass every day.. I wanted to stay and build my kingdom only in the way of yours.

*so please.. please.. give me extra light, so I could see you more clearly.. clearly at the end of the road.. I would not just walk.. but I'll running to get to you................

These photos  are capture by my friends, in NIA photograph.. Thank you Ican, Affecks, Pijar, Rio :) 


Monday, June 20, 2011

Let me not only b'come the sun which came in the morning,, to you

I know you love the dawn, the morning... I was so bad because unlike you who went to bed early and then wake up early too. Does she always get up early like you ? Wake you, and give sweet words to you ? Too bad I could'tt like her.. She must be very nice to you.. I'd be too shy for that, especially if you have not clearly say love directly to me. I'm also still not sure if you really love me like they said.. Although you have to explain it a little yesterday, with the words in response to one of your friends are very crazy.. also my friend :) 
Is it true that I was arrested . I still can't believe it before you actually say it directly to me. 
And what about her that is so sweet for you that ? What you really have forgotten her ?  
if you are going to always have more beautiful morning with her than me.. I sincerely you with her  :)
I still don't know who you really want..  
I just want it out quickly, so I can choose the way to go.. or stay for you..
if I stay.. I'll strive to be the only one that's best for you.. Not just every morning, but probably every second.. and any time to get your smile.

ovelivelife shirt
wrangler short
tank undbranded
bag vintage
casio watch
shoes yongki komaladi 



Loving Dawn!

We must always be a dawn.. beautiful DAWN.. together we can!  
happy = photography ...compact always.. I love you guys....

 Didit............... Adit............  Wahid.........  Nora


Friday, June 17, 2011

Photography and happy!

Today was my photo session with Dawn creative photographs.. Dawn is my photography group with my closest friends. We established this together with our passion and love for photography. I love photography as I love fashion. And with those I love, of course everything becomes more beautiful and enjoyable. Eventually I will show my photography blog address to you guysss .. I hope you like it!

 These're some photos of me on the sidelines of the photo session xoxo. Just fun photo, using a wide lens and create distortions that make our face a little funny .. But, I love it!  ^^ 

 Oblige bella outer
Lomonta navy blue tanks
DIY short jins
Necklaces from yogyakarta
Mulberry bag

PS: Thanks to Catur & Titok to take picture my self :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

loving denim! :)

Every day I fell in love and always falls in love with something classic. Same also with the classic denim are certainly enough when worn. I opened my old magazine pages, Glamour Britain's and found a figure of a model with a combination vest denim jeans and matching pants. Wow i just feel this is so cool, and I fell in love with this style.. And I think to wear my denim vest today. I'll try to combine it with the matching shorts. I hope today is great and also great for all of you guys! :)

vest denim ORAS
Wrangler short
casio watch
Shoes vintage
Esprit bag


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rising and sinking :(

I love you quite strange. Like the sun rising and then sinking, rising again, and again sinking. I had time to think, to immediately terminate about you in my heart. And I almost succeeded, I found someone new who makes me happy.. Though very unpredictable, new happiness really is fleeting. Coming so fast, filling, also vanish so quickly. And you come again.. yes.. you.
The sun was rising again.. I'm really confused with me now. What I almost don't have a heart now? fbecause it so quickly forget, or this is something that has been outlined. I became so relaxed about love now, is very different to me before..
But deep within my heart, I hope the sun is the same one.. and always will rise and shine every day,in my days.
Red Woods denim shirt
Bag vintage
shoes vintage

Ps: Thank you Wiwid ^^
I hope there was always love on your days guys! :) 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

you again, again, and again..

And back again to you.. What makes all become like this? I also don't really know for sure. Like down a road and back on the same road. And already there is a set. I have someone beside me, then you are with someone, I'm back alone, up to then find someone again, again alone and you go back alone too. Until one day I felt quite tired with you. I returned to find someone else.. until one time I opened my eyes that there is you.. yes you.. you again.. and now it looks like I'm starting to accept the differences between you and me.. Is it true they say that the match will not run away anywhere? and must meet again and again.. Just like my mother said.. And we'll see.. is it true you really for me?

T-Shirt IEBE
DIY short pant
casio watch
dr. martens

love your day .. good luck :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heyy was just advertising !!

Apparently he's just a passing ad for several weeks. Too much fun and so quickly become very close. Not to be good then. And I also have contributed to chaotic atmosphere ushered us who came later. There are regrets there, but I feel anything is not worth too much regretted. There is always goodness in every event. And always there is separation at each meeting. If this is happening maybe as I have said before, he is a very exciting ad, and then had to change so quickly with the other ads .. But I would really hope for no further commercials in my life. Hopefully there really just one impression which will never finish to play. One that will not end until really have to end .. hopefully ..

Dress mint
Necklaces vintage
Converse shoes