Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rising and sinking :(

I love you quite strange. Like the sun rising and then sinking, rising again, and again sinking. I had time to think, to immediately terminate about you in my heart. And I almost succeeded, I found someone new who makes me happy.. Though very unpredictable, new happiness really is fleeting. Coming so fast, filling, also vanish so quickly. And you come again.. yes.. you.
The sun was rising again.. I'm really confused with me now. What I almost don't have a heart now? fbecause it so quickly forget, or this is something that has been outlined. I became so relaxed about love now, is very different to me before..
But deep within my heart, I hope the sun is the same one.. and always will rise and shine every day,in my days.
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Ps: Thank you Wiwid ^^
I hope there was always love on your days guys! :)