Thursday, June 9, 2011

you again, again, and again..

And back again to you.. What makes all become like this? I also don't really know for sure. Like down a road and back on the same road. And already there is a set. I have someone beside me, then you are with someone, I'm back alone, up to then find someone again, again alone and you go back alone too. Until one day I felt quite tired with you. I returned to find someone else.. until one time I opened my eyes that there is you.. yes you.. you again.. and now it looks like I'm starting to accept the differences between you and me.. Is it true they say that the match will not run away anywhere? and must meet again and again.. Just like my mother said.. And we'll see.. is it true you really for me?

T-Shirt IEBE
DIY short pant
casio watch
dr. martens

love your day .. good luck :)