Monday, June 20, 2011

Let me not only b'come the sun which came in the morning,, to you

I know you love the dawn, the morning... I was so bad because unlike you who went to bed early and then wake up early too. Does she always get up early like you ? Wake you, and give sweet words to you ? Too bad I could'tt like her.. She must be very nice to you.. I'd be too shy for that, especially if you have not clearly say love directly to me. I'm also still not sure if you really love me like they said.. Although you have to explain it a little yesterday, with the words in response to one of your friends are very crazy.. also my friend :) 
Is it true that I was arrested . I still can't believe it before you actually say it directly to me. 
And what about her that is so sweet for you that ? What you really have forgotten her ?  
if you are going to always have more beautiful morning with her than me.. I sincerely you with her  :)
I still don't know who you really want..  
I just want it out quickly, so I can choose the way to go.. or stay for you..
if I stay.. I'll strive to be the only one that's best for you.. Not just every morning, but probably every second.. and any time to get your smile.

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