Saturday, June 25, 2011

Illuminated road

And now I see only one way.. which has only one direction, toward you.
Please be clear that I'm increasingly convinced, to vote down the road.
If I'm wrong, would you light Dim light that is on the right and left of the road.. In order for me to lose direction and walked around..If you know, I really see you are the best in my heart now. I really hope you are the one it passed last resort for me.. and still I pass every day.. I wanted to stay and build my kingdom only in the way of yours.

*so please.. please.. give me extra light, so I could see you more clearly.. clearly at the end of the road.. I would not just walk.. but I'll running to get to you................

These photos  are capture by my friends, in NIA photograph.. Thank you Ican, Affecks, Pijar, Rio :)