Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is probably not much that I do. As usual went to college at 7 am, running and angry at myself,for the time being chased and smiled bitterly when he realized that morning that I was unlucky enough .... hell yeahhh .. I woke up very late .. And what is worse this morning is quite important to me in college because today I have a presentation. Although the presentation was randomized, but I'm still worried that my group developed a presentation, and I'm not there with them.

Hell to heaven a little air-conditioned: P

Nothing is impossible, even bad luck can change at the better when it comes a bit of luck. Yaaaa ... it's true and it happened to me this morning .. Congratulations My lecture was not going to class ...!!
hmmm .. yeahhhh I feel pretty lucky again,,

night: a figure that I have ever seen it,, really?
With someone special and friends walk the most loyal,,, a boyfriend who could be anything for me ... haghhaggg: p. .. We went together for a walk. Maybe tonight was the night due to poor rains. And my man was carrying a motorcycle,,, and certainly we were able to predict the rain at last ... That's why we decided.....