Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when I write a message for you .. I knew there was another woman, who never existed in your past has also written a message for you. He also expects you just like me. Maybe I'm not really sure, the meant  thats you, but I still feel that you're. And I really feel very confused right now. What should I do. You keep standing there .. Without trying to ask what am I doing when I didn't meet with you. You just as me, didn't try to initiate communication between us. But our world's the same. Like the earth is rotating we would meet at one point. I likened it to our meeting that there will always be at the end of the day. And on the day of our meeting that I went back to see your eyes talking that you have the same feeling with me.
Still, she was still there in your days even if just a mild communication but he's always there. She still expecting you .. yes her.. that I mentioned earlier ..  
ahh .. I'm really confused what should I do with this situation ..

I hope Allah gives instructions to me .. Amiiinn