Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I became the most beautiful with you .. lol

This time I will share  my stories, when I traveling with my friends.. some time ago ..
We choose one city, located in eastern Java.
My journey  feels a bit long ..  
Perhaps because much should I feel ..  
Honestly this is the first time, I have to ride the economic train, which had to squeeze and very hot.
but a lot of different things can I experienced.
Than have to stand all the way ..  
and wet with drops of rain water that falls to me, Yups .. because the roof of the train was perforated ..  
seriously if I so lucky? haha.
 The last I found the back of my clothes are dirty by the walls of the train,,  lol

Blitar have a very beautiful corner lot guys.. maybe you should try to visit it after this .. You'll see a statue of President Sukarno - first President, Republic of Indonesia, in the city center ..

Our trip is really fun for me ..  
No matter how tired we walked .. how tired must stand inside the train .. 
and seeing the ugly faces of my friends .. With sweat all over his body ..  
you're more handsome in my eyes at times like this .. haha.