Saturday, May 21, 2011

i loveee beautiful in simple way

Fashion is synonymous with the glamorous. Requires a lot of money and quite often spelled waste. But for me fashion is something more on the passion of life. I love fashion like I love art and photography. I love beautiful things and I found it there. Actually I'm also not one who likes extravagance or luxury as a determinant of happiness. Is feeling pretty happy and grateful with what we have :) 
While not denying that all people need money to live..  
And to facilitate my hobby I also need it. But I think to anticipate that for example by making this hobby is something useful, such as by making this, my blog-- I can share it also to others. I think to make my hobby a businesses also later :)  
 And besides that, I also will try to share something else ..  
something more simple but also beautiful...
Stay with fashion probably would not hurt us also want to try to visit, thrift store, not necessarily always with the upscale brand, we can also combine them with others. Make a DIY (Do it your self), or something else.. we will still look beautiful and definitely cool isn't it?

GIPLAS de BASE shirt
white top thrift store
DIY boy jeans
belt vintage
flat shoes yongki komaladi 
mulberry bags

Ps: thank you so much fuad, rio, and reno to take photos my self