Friday, May 27, 2011

Too beautiful, if not alone ..

Sadness often comes when our hearts feel lonely. 
When we don’t have something to do, or when we don’t have someone special beside you.
When we’ve something to do and the passion in our lives as though it would be useful, so lucky to do all that with love. 
When we have someone special on our side, certainly we feel have the love and happiness are always waiting, waiting for to be approached, waiting to say hello, and wait to have this world together. 
Surely things aren’t going to mean when we can not share it.. Similarly, when you're really happy to have a pair of new shoes and can’t wait to wear it at dinner with your boyfriend. Everything will make you feel very excited.. 
Your days will seem always busy, busy with a happiness that continues to come alternately. 
It would be very different if you are alone.

Anyway today I'm wearing a batik dress belonged to my mother, I found it when I opened the cupboard before I pray duhur today.
This is a batik dress belonged to my mother when she was young.
Did you ever hear of batik? 
Batik is a native of my country---Indonesia
They have a variety of motifs that are rich in art. 
I'm very proud of it!

 This is not my plan.. my face is very stupid here. xoxo 

Batik Kalus Danar Hadi Solo-Indonesia
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Ps: Have a great day guys! don't be sad, whatever happens ^^