Saturday, June 4, 2011

I love you, you, and you :)

Today my brain is full of nature.  I really want go to the field .. As my childhood, where I always go into the fields with my friends. Luckily my mom was the best mother in the world. My mom forbade me not get along and play whatever I want. My mom always gave me the freedom to enjoy everything that I can enjoy, like playing the field and came home with dirty clothes. In fact, because too often went to the field formerly, my skin was very black, and not infrequently I come home with one sandal wearing, because my sandal often lost on the field. lol
And what a beautiful scenery that I see at home, my mother still smiles at me and bathe me with clean water.. * I Love My Mom & I Love my
childhood ^^

And this time I got back on the same field .. And I'm with them, friends who I love ..
Hey little fish! we'll return to the water :)

Shirt Touchmona
Bag vintage
DIY short
Zara Belt
PS: Thank you catur to take photos my self