Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One day, we can feels alone, very small, and nothing worth having. A time when we felt it with a variety of reasons. All human beings have reason to be the most worthless, all have reason to feel the most suffering, then they complain. They also write songs about suffering and how sad this world.
 I'm not opposed to it all, because all will have their reasons for thinking that way.

I just wonder why we don't see it all on the contrary, a weak period gave way to full strength. As we always have a reason to be very valuable, very happy, and grateful.
Today we breathe, and see the sun in the morning is delicious. 

(Messy nail polish ..xoxo)
Undbranded long sleeve
Cole Bag
Esprit Watch
 Tom Ford sunglasess
Valencia Ring
Cheap Monday denim