Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sour n' sweet

Sour and sweet, that's why I really like "yoghurt"
I don’t think a lot of clothes that day, I only spend time there without thinking much.
I probably will not do fashion that always makes me excited.
However we are not always in the same state every time, as each step your feet, that never trod the same earth. We will arrive at one time that we never anticipated. Where everything is not the same :)
Let alone think of fashion, wearing high heels or the other. I think I've been wearing the same pants almost every day lol :))  

This was a time when I could not do a lot of fashion. I had an accident when I was on vacation in Bandung, my feet hurt at the knees, and few on hand so I had to perform minor surgery :( so.. for a few weeks I became difficult to do many things, including clothes.  

About this incident I became aware again of the life and courage to live it. I am also thankful about many things :)) back in "yoghurt" and taste. Life also has a second sense of the "sour and sweet"

With sour, we are remembered. With sweet, we are grateful.

   * anyways this is my favorite place to drink yoghurt, shady place with a strong flavor yoghurt .. Yoghurt Cisangkuy . You must visit this place while visiting Bandung  :)