Sunday, February 24, 2013

heloo todayy!

Heloo today! :)
 I am very happy todayy, because I could see my favorite artists wore my handmade jewelry products.. yeay!
anywayss, I really like watching ftv *short film in one tv station in my country..
psstt, I'm easy to cry when see anything sad though its just a movie xoxoxoxoxo :))
*Kirana Larasati is an artist who has a cool fashion sense, i guess.. love herr!

*good nite everyone! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

candyy candyy!!

Today I tried to make two candy happiness xxo.
Mint candy and orange candy #bracelets todayy!!  
 with two flavor, humble and grateful Yeay! :))) 
I have a mission of making bracelet this time, by wearing it, trying to remind us always humble and grateful
 I think with both of them
this world will  more peaceful xoxoxo :)

Check this! :)

 *good nite all! _:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Afraid ? Love! :)

Afraid? Worried? Whatever it is.. feel deadlock, thinking there was no way out.. Well, there is nothing worse than the last and most difficult experience throughout our lives. But what can be done then? Ask only in your heart.
does anyone know about a minute after this? what will happen?
Think for a moment,,,, 
Isn't nothing worse than to stop trying, right?
whatever the situation is just never stop!
love no matter what.
and the most important is, don't give up
to be happy! :)
anyways,, i always remember my mom said, "If you try again and again you will find away". Always sayyyy "I can do it!" uyeaahhh!!!! Good nite everyone :))))

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all jewelries  heloosun 

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

love love

I think, I haven't posted for a long time .. 
I was busy finishing my thesis .. that was pretty late I guess :(
i miss reading blogs and look at the pictures that inspire me..

anyways, I just created a new online store..

 it's about everything handmade jewelry .. I begin by making their own .. All this has long been my desirewhich I have long been fascinated about everything related to fashion, especially jewelry ..

Hope you like it! :) 
I am very happy if I can see all of you wearing my product, and make you all  happy too, by using my jewelry product :)

For starters, I will give special discount for you all..
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love love love