Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In life there is always a disappointment, I call it "dark" The darkness that comes from what we remember with painful. Are often from those we love, Maybe different when other people do the same.

Then we remember all of them "in our memory" consciously or not .. We measure what we give and we accept, angry, and sad.
There is nothing worse than maintaining the wound, let alone let the wound fester I call it "hate".

Do not let the people who hurt you make you become the same person.
Do not let anything contaminate your heart, because the true Living God in your heart

 And the best teacher is your own heart.
All about curing disappointment just "forgive"
Wounds that remove only "sincere"

We learn, about no harm, replying something bad with something good.

Or try don't care about the hurt, so there is no bad or anything that will touch let alone hurt us
I call it "did not give a chance".


Life is too short to be meaningless,  
Remove all "darkness" Publish just peace
began at this time of his life will be beautiful 
just like in the morning,  
where the sun will always rise "Happiness"

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Anyways Thank you so much Gogirl! :)


Have A nice day friends!