Sunday, July 3, 2011

God prepares the best..

I woke up this morning.. and then be not afraid.. concerns seemed to disappear about anything.. I feel confident about to go through everything properly... I almost don’t  understand why all my problems exposed straight forward in my head, when I woke up this morning.  All secant has a meeting point of completion just by going against all that fear.. And I think no need to fear about anything.. The fear was destroying all that we can plan properly.. Only an obstacle that never will be resolved, when we don’t try to fight it.. About love.. I remembered my friend said  "Find someone who really loves you.." I think if he really loved me he would have to come.. of course he would need for me at his side.. and if not him, maybe others.. will surely come.

Romantic Mocha Denim Shirt
DIY Denim Short
Undbranded  White Tank
Belt vintage
Shoes  Navy blue Crocs
Esprit Bags

Ps: Thx Wiwid :)