Thursday, August 23, 2012

story.. broken heart

Today someone told me, call her Ann.  Ann said that she was brokenheart.
She said,"I was abandoned by my boyfriend, but I still expect "  She asked me, Did I ever experienced that? or at least does feel like that? How do you go through it? so that you can recover from the sadness.. Then I say, “ Things I know only time can heal it. And about the time, it will sooner or later all depends on us”.  Okay let's sing ... "Whatt?? Said Ann.  I'm sad why you even asked me to sing?" “Yes I would like to invite you to sing songs of The Beatles “Cant buy me loveee .. yeah *sing*
 Ann was silent she seemed upset, and regret for choosing ask me.
Then I continued,  “yeah .. Money will not be able to buy back your love, or buy a new love for you, such as the songs of the beatles .. Cant buy me lovee .. right?" Ann remained silent. I continued .. " but,  I think you can ask for god, and I'm sure .. how about you?”
“..and ask for the best will be better than asking what we wanted, I think, god knows what would be best for us .. and no exception you Ann". 
No one knows about the wisdom behind sadness.

shirt thrifted
short denim wrangler
shoes yongkikomaladi
bag vintage
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