Friday, August 31, 2012

The Key

Heart  find and save.. save you.. love youu
Lovee then angry, then love again, angry again, love again…………
Heart buy and sell, buy smile and then sell it back.
but.. when tears are purchased it will sell back  anger, despair, and even worse.. said goodbye.
We didn't want to get it, right?
Have a key
 that can use to re-open the door of  heart "someone" you love most.
 How to get the key?
Everyone loves to smile isn’t it?
Heart will remember the millions of smiles..  
give millions smile! more.. 
Millions smiles will erode hundreds of angry, hundreds nothing compared to the millions :)
There will always return and forgive.. and the best of it "stay forever"
the key, already in your grasp now! xxo.

ako jeans
casio watch
t-shirt thrifted
 shoes giving