Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What can i do.


    I haven't slept at all in days,

    it's been so long since we've talked.

    And I have been here many times,

    I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

    What can I do to make you love me ?

    What can I do to make you care ?

    What can I say to make you feel this ?

    What can I do to get you there ?

    There's only so much I can take,

    and I just got to let it go.

    And who knows, I might feel better,

    if I don't try and I don't hope.

    No more waiting, no more aching.

    No more fighting, no more trying.

    Maybe there's nothing more to say,

    and in a funny way I'm calm.

    Because the power is not mine,

    I'm just gonna let it fly.

    Lo…ve me,  love me...     

This evening I was playing guitar, after quite a long time I have not touched my guitar back. I love music and I want to be able to play one musical instrument well. But I realized, I was quite less effort in this case. hehe 
I often had promised to learn but as usual I forget about it because I prefer photographing or my other hobbie
So I'm sorry if this sounds chaotic. 

What can i do, The Corrs .. I love it. Sad lyrics,  but the song bright if we hear the original song. 
And I'm sorry again about my english pronunciation is quite random, as for example in the pronunciation of lyrics "calm or aching" hehe 
Anyway random video, I picked it up from my phone and immediately uploaded.

and this, 

some pictures that I took yesterday: